June 1-15 2012: Our first two weeks.

We didn't waste any time having visitors or exploring our new home. 

The day after we arrived, our friends Paul and Jessica came through from New York on their way to a wedding in Napa. Jess snapped this picture of us in downtown Mill Valley right before we all had lunch outside in the perfect Northern California air. 

If you still can't picture what Mill Valley is like from what I described in my last blog post, this photo does a good job of summing it up: 

Wealthy with serious wheels. 

That weekend, apparently we weren't tired of driving yet, so we took a quick trip about 40 miles up the coast to The Marshall Store, a little seafood shack with a-maz-ing oysters and seafood chowder. 

Even if you're not an oyster fan, I don't know many people who wouldn't love this place. These oysters were nothing like I've ever had before. And because I put cheese on top of everything but cereal, I ordered mine Rockefeller style and Matt ordered smoked barbecue. 

Monday, June 3 was our 7-year anniversary. We celebrated that evening at Bungalow 44, a great little restaurant two blocks from where we're living. (Warning: Cougars at the bar!)

But before it was time for dinner, it was time for Matt to go back to work. While he was in the city, I decided it was a good time to do a little internet housekeeping and prepare myself for any introductions to agencies in San Francisco.  

Little did I know changing my LinkedIn profile city from Charlotte, NC to San Francisco Bay Area would land me a gig the following day at a digital shop. Their recruiter reached out to me and set up a chat with their creative director. He invited to come in and help pitch a new piece of business. For the next two weeks, I spent time in their office in the city and working some from home. And I had a blast. The people were super friendly. I got invited to lunch with the cool kids. And every afternoon someone would offer you a glass of wine or a beer. Yes, please. 

What wasn't necessarily fun, however, was trying to find dog care for the pups, figuring out how to get them where they needed to be, then drive to the ferry building, find a parking spot, make the ferry on time and then walk to the office. I had to do that whole routine in reverse at the end of the day, so I got a small taste (including dog hair) of what it would be like to be a working Mom. It was exhausting. And I'll NEVER wear wedges to walk city blocks again. 

I will say taking public transportation, especially across the gorgeous San Francisco Bay, certainly helps ease the pain. I can't imagine there being a better commute than this anywhere. 

On the other side of my ferry ride home for the first few days, I was not greeted with wagging tails. Sage and Simon absolutely HATED going to doggie daycare. I know they hated it because when I would pick them up, Simon would almost hyperventilate for the first hour he was with me and Sage wouldn't even look my way unless I had some sort of a meaty bone. I realize they are dogs, but they are also our family. And after finding out I was paying a fortune to have them put in cages for a few hours of the day, they weren't the only ones who were unhappy.

We tried one more doggie daycare and one inexperienced woman we found from doing some corkboard research at the local dog parkā€”but neither worked out. On a recommendation of a friend, we finally found a new dog sitter that the dogs love. Her name is Claudia. She takes them (and other dogs) on a morning hike in the mountains and there is no hyperventilating when I pick them up. 

On 6.6.12, my friend Molly had her baby girl, Mae Macleod. Another future camper for Camp KK, opening date TBD. This is the chick you want to pick first to be on your tug-of-war team. I can assure you of that. 

That Saturday, we went into the city to look at an apartment for rent (it sucked) and ending up taking the dogs down to Crissy Field and the beach. Sage stole a half of a bagel with cream cheese off of someone's picnic blanket, but walking along the water while people are sailing and surfing with views of the Golden Gate and mountains is pretty surreal. 

Sunday we took a quick trip 40 minutes up to Napa to see Matt's friend Gene and his wife, Kimberly. They were on a trip with two other couples and we met them at Domaine Carneros winery. It was fantastic. 

As far as we have experienced, you don't get the Sunday blues around here. There's too much to do on the weekends! Which completely motivates me to keep working. I want us to do it all.