Day 3: A Day In Santa Fe

We took the day off from our drive to San Francisco to enjoy the sites of Santa Fe. And we started straight at the top.

Hillside Park sits high above the city and was a fantastic way to see the city we had yet to explore. 

The houses near downtown were all traditional Santa Fe tan, with the only color being from the flowers and plants.  

Even the Target, where we stopped on our way into town, had us feeling like we were in another country. 

First thing on our list was lunch. All it took was the same restaurant being recommended more than once, seeing a long line outside, and the words "James Beard Nominee" in the window for us to make a decision on Cafe Pasqual's. And holy guacamole was it good. 

The restaurant is small and every square inch is bursting with festive color. (See if you can spot me sitting at the community table.)

After lunch, we walked through the Santa Fe Plaza. 

We made our way to the St. Francis Cathedral, a historic downtown church.

And there was Mr. Patron Saint of the Animals, Saint Francis, outside. 

Inside, it was beautiful. We even saw a window with Simon's name on it. 

At the front of the church was a sanctuary. 

While Matt was a good quiet boy and lit candles, I stood talking to myself wondering why someone would wear skin-tight, Christmas-plaid pants in May. 

I also wondered what the word "marimba" meant, so I'd know not to touch it. And if I could sing in Spanish as well as yo hablo español. 

Next we took a walk down Canyon Road–a long street of art galleries. And we were fascinated by the massive sculptures we saw. 

Let me clarify why we were fascinated: we want to know who buys these things? Beyond that, who has $25k to spend on a bronze sculpture that sits outside? 

We kept walking and saw outdoor sculptures that were blowing in the wind. Pretty cool seeing them all move together. I'd put one of these in our yard. (The yard we currently do not have.)

After all of this shopping, I got the bug to buy something and I decided I wanted a new pot. So on our way back to the hotel, we stopped at Jackalope Mercado. 

Not only were there hundreds of pots to choose from, there were plants, furniture, sculptures, barnyard animals and prairie dogs. 

I was overwhelmed, so we left with nothing. Which was fine, because we had dinner plans with Stephen and Susanna, a couple I met when I first started freelancing. Their company, Big Swing, is located in Santa Fe. We had never met in person, so I was really looking forward to it. And we had a great time chatting over beers. They're good people. 

We met at Second Street Brewery in the Santa Fe Railyard, a new development where the train runs right through shops and restaurants. 

After we said goodbye to our new friends, we were back at our hotel planning the next few days of our trip. And wishing we had one of these. 

Next stop: The Grand Canyon.