Day 2: Road Trip Recap

Yesterday we drove from Little Rock, AR to Santa Fe, NM. This was our longest day for the cross-country trip we've planned, but we found fun in the flatlands.

Right outside of the Ozark Mountains we stopped to let the pups have a quick run. 

We played a game of hangman and then we were in Oklahoma. 

There wasn't much to look at, so I climbed in the back seat and took a nap with the pups. Sage wasn't too happy about me being in her space.

We stopped for lunch (but passed on The Pig Palace) and Mr. North Dakota gave me a lesson in wheat. 

We saw lots of billboards for a Road Ninja App, so we downloaded it. It's actually pretty cool. It will tell you about upcoming exits from the Interstate, gas prices, places to eat and lodging. 

And then, the moment I was waiting for: we crossed the border into Texas. 

I've actually never been to this part of my home state, but it made me happy knowing I was close to home. And real queso. And Texas barbeque. 

Our goal was to get to Amarillo for dinner. Matt wanted to go to The Big Texan, home of the free 72 oz. steak. (Free if you eat it all.) Since Matt is a vegetarian, I didn't think it was the best idea he's ever had. Then we passed a "limo" on the Interstate that confirmed we needed to make another choice.  

We got a recommendation from a friend to eat at Country Pride. Apparently they have the city's best enchiladas. SOLD! I called to see what time they closed and they said 8. (8!?) So they recommended we try La Frontera. It was hole-in-the-wall fantastic. 
Then we were back on the road passing all things extra-Texas large. 

Unfortunately, we had 4 and a half more hours to go before we made it to Santa Fe. So we watched a movie to pass the time and stopped off at Russell's Truck Stop in New Mexico. Super nice place (as far as gas stations go), but Matt and I were amazed there's a market for things like Biscuits and Gravy out of a machine. The Vibrating Electric Chair, however, makes complete sense.

Driving into Santa Fe, the stars were brighter than we've ever seen them.

It was 1:30 am when we got to our hotel, so we couldn't see the landscape. But Sunday is the day we get to explore and leave the car parked for a while. 

Total miles this day: 874