Day 1: Road Trip Recap

Simon and Sage have done road trips before, but not like this. Not for 4+ days. Look how excited they are.

So we cheered them up with a quick run outside of Asheville.

Then we made our way through beautiful Tennessee.

Even a short traffic jam was beautiful. (This is near the Great Smokey Mountains.)

Sage wasn't going to miss one minute.

Simon, on the other hand, slept all day.

As for Matt and I, we were sweating.

Which could have also been from the laptop on my lap so we...I mean I, could watch movies.

We also watched the sun set.

And then set our sites on making it to Memphis in time for dinner at Rendevous, an alleyway BBQ restaurant that came highly recommended. It was fabulous. Like Salt Lick, they ship. Check them out on

Almost to our hotel in Little Rock, AR.

Total miles today: 760.