Pacific Northwest Road Trip

We're a few weeks shy of one year since our last big road trip, which took us 2,700+ miles across the country from our home in Charlotte, NC to our new home of San Francisco, CA. It was Memorial Weekend 2012, and the 7 days we spent driving and exploring sparked something in us that continues to flicker. Now when we look at a map, we look at places we haven't been and think about when we can go. It's like we won't be satisfied until we see every single section of the country with our own eyes.

Road trips allow you to take what you need, not be tied down to rules and you're free to change your mind as many times as you'd like. There's no spontaneity flying in the air. You can't roll your window down, stick your head out, or take your dogs that also like to stick their heads out. 

We've been terrible about blogging since we arrived in SF (not that anyone was looking but Matt's Mom) but it's probably because when we're not working, we're busy trying to see and soak up just about every part of the city, the Bay area and beyond. We've had a ton of visitors who have helped give us an excuse to do things like run across the Golden Gate Bridge, take trips to the wine country, drive up the coast . . . Getting in the car and just going is so easy to do here and the weather is always awesome.  

Back to the point of this post: we have been iItching for a longer trip than our usual day trips, so we've decided to take 10 days and head from San Francisco to as far north as Seattle, with various stops along the way.  

Poster sold  here . 

Poster sold here

Here's what we have planned:

1 night in Mt. Shasta (4 hour drive from San Francisco)

1 night in Crater Lake (3 hour drive from Mt. Shasta)

3 nights in Seattle (7 hour drive from Crater Lake)

1 night in Mount Rainier State Park (1 hour 45 minute drive from Seattle)

4 nights in Portland (2 and a half hours from Mount Rainier)

Luckily we have family and friends to stay with in both Seattle and Portland, an SUV with a fresh oil change, and laptops to keep on top of work. 

We leave Monday. We're excited.

I'm not sure if we'll blog, but we'll share photos on Instagram. (Moms, don't ask.)